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    2023 | Forthcoming

    Patel, D., Krems, J. A., Stout, M., Byrd-Craven, J., & Hawkins, M. A. W. (in press). Parents of children with higher-weight are viewed as responsible for child weight and thus stigmatized. Psychological Science.

    [Our article on this work in The Conversation]


    Krems, J. A., & Bock, J. E. (accepted). The role of women's and men's body shapes in explicit and implicit fat stigma. Obesities. 


    Krems, J. A., Hahnel-Peeters, R., Merrie, L. A., Williams, K. E. G., & Sznycer, D. (accepted). Sometimes we want vicious friends: People have nuanced preferences for how they want friends to behave toward them versus others. Evolution and Human Behavior. 


    Ayers, J. D., Krems, J. A., & Aktipis, A. (accepted). A factor analytic examination of women's and men's friendship preferences. Personality and Individual Differences. 




    Fisher, M., & Krems, J. A. (2023). An evolutionary review of female intrasexual competition. In D. Buss (Ed.), The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology. Wiley & Sons.





    Krems, J. A., Merrie, L. A., Short, T., Duarte, K., Rodriguez, N., French, J. E., Sznycer, D., & Byrd-Craven, J. (2022). Third-party Perceptions of Male and Female Status Cues: Male Physical Strength and Female Physical Attractiveness Cue High Status. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution [Special issue: Sex and Gender Effects on Status, Dominance, and Leadership – An Interdisciplinary Look at Humans and Other Mammalian Societies]. [Paper link] [Data, Preregistrations + Code]


    Krems, J. A., Williams, K. E. G., Merrie, L. A., Kenrick, D. T., & Aktipis, A. (2022). Sex similarities and differences in friendship jealousy. Evolution and Human Behavior. [Paper link] [Data + Code)


    Ayers, J. A., Krems, J. A., Hess, N., & Aktipis, A. (2022). Mother-in-law daughter-in-law conflict: An evolutionary perspective and report of empirical data from the United States. Evolutionary Psychological Science.


    Barlev, M., Ko., A., Krems, J. A., & Neuberg, S. L. (2022). Weight location moderates weight-based self-devaluation and perceived social devaluation in women. Social Psychological and Personal Science. [Paper link] [Data +Code]


    Bradshaw, H., Krems, J. A., & Hill, S. E. (2022). Resource Availability Differentially Influences Women’s Perceptions of Same- (vs. Cross-) Sex Others’ Competitiveness. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.


    Williams, K. E. G., Krems, J. A., Ayers, J. A., & Rankin, A. (2022). Sex differences in friendship preferences. Evolution and Human Behavior, 43(1), 44-52. [Paper link] [Data + Code]




    Krems, J. A. (2022). Foreword. In A. Alkon, Meangirl-ology: How to protect yourself from sneak attacks and social ruin (pp. 2-4). Creators Publishing.


    Krems, J. A., Bradshaw, H., & Merrie, L. (2022). Intrasexual aggression. In J. Mogliski & T. Shackelford (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Romantic Relationships. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.




    Krems, J. A., Claessens, S., Fales, M. R., Campenni, M., Haselton, M. G., & Aktipis, A. (2021). An agent-based model of the female rivalry hypothesis for concealed ovulation in humans. Nature Human Behaviour, (5), 726-735. [Paper Link] [Data, Code, Agent-Based Model]


    Krems, J. A., Ko, A., Moon, J., & Varnum, M. E. W. (2021). Lay beliefs about gender and sexual behavior: First evidence for a pervasive, robust (but seemingly unfounded) stereotype. Psychological Science, 32(6), 871-889. [Paper] [Data + Code]

    [APS Top Ten Most Impactful Articles of 2021]

    [Our article on this work in The Conversation]


    Krems, J. A., Williams, K. E. G., Kenrick, D. T., & Aktipis, A. (2021). Friendship jealousy: One tool of friendship maintenance? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 120(4), 977 -1012. [Paper] [Pre-registrations] [Data + Code]


    Cook, C. L., Krems, J. A., & Kenrick, D. T. (2021). Fundamental motives illuminate a broad range of individual and cultural variations in thought and behavior. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 30(3), 242-250. [Paper]


    Krems, J. A., & Neuberg, S. L. (2021). Updating long-held assumptions about fat stigma: For women, body shape plays a critical role. Social Psychological and Personal Science. [Paper] [Data + Code]


    Kierns, N., Tsotsoros, C., Addante, S., Laymen, H., Krems, J. A., Pearl, R., Tomiyama, J. A., & Hawkins, M. A. W. (2021). Adverse Childhood Experiences Associated with Greater Internalization of Weight Stigma in Women with Excess Weight. Obesities, 1(1), 49-57.


    Lopez, S. V., Krems, J. A., Dunn, D. S, Warner, E. A., & Leffingwell, T. R. (2021). Short-term mating orientation as a predictor of alcohol-related risky sexual behavior. Journal of American College Health.


    Moon, J. W., Krems, J. A., & Cohen, A. B.. (2021). Is there anything good about atheists? Exploring positive and negative stereotypes of the religious and nonreligious. Social Psychological and Personal Science, 12(8), 1505-1516. [Pre-print] [Pre-registration, Data, + Code]


    Varnum, M. E. W., Krems, J. A., Wormley, A., Morris, C. & Grossmann, I. (2021). Why are song lyrics becoming simpler? A time series analysis of lyrical complexity in six decades of American popular music. PLOS ONE. [Paper] [Data + Code]




    Ko, A., Pick, C., Kwon, J. Y., Barlev, M., Krems, J. A., Varnum, M. E. W., …& Kenrick, D. T. (2020). Family matters: Rethinking the social psychology of human motivation. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 15(1), 173-201. [Paper] [OSF]


    Krems, J. A., & Conroy-Beam, D. (2020). First tests of Euclidean preference integration in friendship: Euclidean friend value and power of choice on the friend market. Evolution & Human Behavior, 41(3), 188-198. [Paper] | [Data + Code]


    Krems, J. A., Rankin, A. M., & Northover, S. B. (2020). Women’s strategic defenses against same-sex aggression: Evidence from sartorial choices. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 11(6), 770-781. [Paper] | [Data, Code, + Materials]

     [Our article on this work in The Conversation]


    Moon, J. W., Krems, J. A., & Cohen, A. B. (2020). Opposition to short-term mating predicts dislike of atheists. Personality and Individual Differences, 165(15), 110-136. [Paper] [Data + Code]


    Neuberg, S. L, Williams, K. E. G., Sng, O., Pick, C. M., Neel, R., Krems, J. A., Pirlott, A. G. (2020). Toward capturing the functional and nuanced nature of social stereotypes: An affordance management approach. In B. Gawronski, (Ed.), Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 62 (p. 245-304). [Paper]




    Krems, J. A., & Wilkes, J. (2019). Why are conversations limited to about four people? A theoretical exploration of the conversation size constraint. Evolution and Human Behavior, 40(3), 140 -147. [Paper]


    Moon, J. W., Krems, J. A., Cohen, A. B., & Kenrick, A. B. (2019). Is nothing sacred? Religion, sex, and reproductive strategies. Current Directions in Psychology, 28(4), 361-365. [Paper]




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    † Trailing authors listed in alphabetical order


    Moon, J. W., Krems, J. A., & Cohen, A. B. (2018). Religious targets are trusted because they are viewed as slow life-history strategists. Psychological Science, 29(6), 947-960. [Paper] [Data +Code]

      [Our article on this work in The Conversation]


    Kenrick, D. T., & Krems, J. A. (2018). Well-being, self-actualization, and fundamental motives: An evolutionary perspective. In E. Diener, S. Oishi, & L. Tay (Eds.), e-Handbook of subjective well-being. Online resource: Nobascholar.


    Vaillancourt, T., & Krems, J. A. (2018). The development of female aggression in evolutionary perspective. In S. M. Coyne & J. M. Ostrov (Eds.), The development of relational aggression. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.



    Krems, J. A., Kenrick, D. T., & Neel, R. (2017). Individual perceptions of self-actualization: What functional motives are linked to fulfilling one’s full potential? Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43(9), 1337- 1352. [Paper] [Materials]


    Krems, J. A., & Varnum, M. E. W. (2017). More than just climate: The role of other ecological dimensions in explaining human aggression across societies [commentary]. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 40, e89. [Data]


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    Krems, J. A., Dunbar, R. I. M., & Neuberg, S. L. (2016). Something to talk about: Are conversation sizes constrained by mental modeling abilities? Evolution and Human Behavior, 36(6), 423-428. [Data]


    2015 | Prior


    David-Barrett, T., Rotkirch, A., Carney, J., Behncke Izquierdo, I., Krems, J. A., Townley, D., McDaniell, E., Byrne-Smith, A., & Dunbar, R. I. M. (2015). Women favor dyadic relationships, but men prefer clubs: Cross-cultural evidence from social networking. PLOS ONE, 10(3), e0118329.


    Krems, J. A., & Dunbar, R. I. M. (2013). Clique size and network characteristics in hyperlink cinema: Constraints of evolved psychology. Human Nature, 24(4), 414-429.


    Krems, J. A., Neuberg, S. L., Filip-Crawford, G., & Kenrick, D. T. (2015). Is she angry? (Sexually desirable) Women ‘see’ anger on female faces. Psychological Science, 26(11), 1655-1663.





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