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    Our lab accepts undergraduate students interested in getting hands-on research experience for 4990 credit (or on a volunteer basis after one credit-seeking term in the lab).  Undergraduate research assistants (RAs) learn about social and evolutionary psychology, engage in small-group discussions at a high level, & take part in research--including generating and testing their own research ideas, and presenting their work at major national conferences. Working in the Krems Lab is a great preparation for graduate school (and can help you determine if you would enjoy graduate school).  We encourage students from groups underrepresented in the sciences to apply (e.g., women, sexual or ethnic minorities, first-generation students)! Know that your time working the lab is scheduled around your existing commitments (e.g., courses, work), and we are open to working with you to create a learning environment that meets your needs (e.g., if you are a primary caretaker). We do require that all RAs attend lab meetings to get the most out of the lab.  We welcome any student interested in social psychological research to apply. Most of our current RAs have solid GPAs, and have taken one at least semester of relevant coursework (e.g., research methods, statistics, social psychology, motivation). Priority is given to students interested in pursuing a degree in Psychology or a related field (e.g., Business, Marketing, Management, Political Science).   Want to join?Note: We typically interview prospective RAs in October-November for work in the following Spring term, and in March-April for work in the following Fall term.


    Fill out the Lab Application here & email it to our Lab Coordinator.


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    We'll tell you more about the lab and chat to make sure our lab is a good fit for your needs.


    Do Research!

    You'll learn about doing research, with opportunities to develop and test your own, novel research ideas.