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    The Body Size and Shape (BODSS) Figure Set

    The BODSS Figure set is a new set of figural stimuli that presently contains over 50 figures. These figures were created by attending to BMI categories from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), real-world photos of real people (from, e.g., mybodygallery.com), and by consulting with graphic design artists.

    The figures display systematically varying sizes (underweight, average-weight, overweight, obese) AND body shapes (weight primarily in hips, thighs, buttocks versus primarily in abdomen). Figures depict males and females at multiple life stages (infant, pre-puberty, reproductive age, parenting age, post-reproduction). All

    figures are depicted head-on, and some have a corresponding figure with a 3/4-view. Some males figures also include corresponding figures systematically varied muscle amounts as well.


    Please cite as: Neuberg, S. L., & Krems, J. A. (2016). Body Size and Shape (BODSS) Figure Set.

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    Paper Doll Stimulus Set

    In our work examining women's defenses against intrasexual aggression (Krems, Northover, & Rankin, 2020), we used part of a stimulus set depicting women--paper doll figures--in various outfits. These stimuli include women in dresses, jeans, skirts, and varying tops. All stimuli were pre-rated for clothing "modesty".


    The full stimulus set and related data can be found here.